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    Dehydrator - Refrigerated storage

    A fruit and vegetable dehydrator is a kitchen appliance designed to remove moisture from food by exposing it to a gentle and constant heat. This dehydration process helps to keep food longer by preventing its deterioration and concentrating its flavors. Dehydrators are widely used to prepare dried fruits, dried vegetables, dried herbs, chips and many other snacks.

    Some European manufacturers of fruit and vegetable dehydrators include:

    Excalibur: This brand offers a range of dehydrators known for their efficiency and drying quality.

    Sedona: A European brand that offers temperature-controlled dehydrators to preserve the best nutrients in food.

    Stöckli: Swiss brand specializing

    RIVIERA & BAR -  - Dehydrator

    PRATIC AND CLEVER Power: 600 W Weight: 2.6 Kg H 280 mm Diameter: 340 mm 3 overlayed trays Drying ...

    159.99 € approx.
    WISMER - déshydrateur classic - Dehydrator

    Its innovative technology allows each tray to be dehydrated individually while maintaining the taste ...

    Price upon request
    WISMER - déshydrateur snackmaker - Dehydrator

    This semi-professional dehydrator provides precision with a microprocessor. Its hot air system ...

    Price upon request
    Domo -  - Dehydrator

    Make a pro-worthy dish presentation with a crunchy touch. Make delicacies such as vegetable chips, ...

    ... in kitchen appliances, including dehydrators.

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