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    Cheese rack - Storage

    The camembert holder is a practical and aesthetic table accessory that adds a touch of elegance to the presentation of the famous camembert cheese, as well as other similar cheeses. It is designed to serve, cut and present the cheese in a pleasant way for the senses and taste buds.

    Camembert holders are generally made from noble materials such as wood, porcelain, marble, stone or metal. The choice of material can influence the overall aesthetics and style of the Camembert holder.

    The presentation of the camembert on a camembert holder allows to show the cheese in its best light. The

    ... creamy texture of the camembert associated with its subtle fragrance are highlighted with this accessory, which invites guests to enjoy.

    Renowned European Manufacturers:

    Boska (Netherlands): Boska is a Dutch company specialising in cheese accessories. They offer a varied range of camembert holders in wood and metal, with elegant and practical designs.

    Villeroy & Boch (Germany): Villeroy & Boch is a world-renowned German brand that manufactures high-end table and kitchen products, including porcelain camembert holders.

    BIA Cordon Bleu (France): BIA Cordon Bleu is a French company that offers a range of fine porcelain camembert holders, known for their elegance.

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