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    Upright piano - Music and instrument

    An upright piano is a type of vertical piano, characterised by its vertical structure and its more compact height compared to a grand piano. It is also called an "upright piano" because of its string arrangement and action.

    The upright piano is designed so that the strings and hammers are arranged vertically, parallel to the floor. It is usually shorter than a grand piano and is often chosen for smaller spaces such as homes, flats or music schools.

    The upright piano is valued for its versatility, ease of maintenance and smaller footprint than a grand piano. It offers a range

    Expertissim - piano droit pleyel - Upright Piano

    Upright, walnut-veneered piano with fan marquetry-decor.Signed Pleyel, model 83 F 156, number 193373 ...

    1500 € approx.
    ... of sounds from soft to powerful, depending on the quality of the instrument. Although it may not offer the same depth and projection of sound as a grand piano, it is capable of meeting the needs of both amateur and professional pianists.

    Upright pianos are widely used in homes, music schools, smaller concert halls and recording studios. They are available in a variety of sizes, designs and quality levels to meet the preferences and requirements of musicians.

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