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    Bottle crate - Storage

    A bottle crate is a container specially designed to transport and store bottles in a safe and organized manner. These crates are used in different contexts, such as warehouses, cellars, grocery stores, restaurants, breweries, wine cellars and events where bottles need to be handled and moved safely.

    When it comes to European manufacturers of bottle cases, here are a few examples:

    Gaggenau (Germany): Gaggenau is a German brand renowned for its high-end household appliances, including accessories and kitchen equipment. They offer elegant and functional bottle cases for wine lovers and food lovers.

    Vinobox (France): Vinobox is a French company specialized

    ... in the design of wine storage and presentation solutions. They make innovative and aesthetic bottle cases, designed to showcase an individual’s wine collection.

    Metrobottle (Italy): Metrobottle is an Italian company dedicated to the design of bottle storage solutions. Their crates are designed to meet the storage and transportation needs of various types of bottles.

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