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    Davenport desk - Desks & Tables

    The Davenport Desk is an antique-style office furniture from the 19th century. It is named after its designer, Captain Davenport. This type of office is characterized by its compact and portable design, with a tiltable that can be folded to facilitate its transport. Here are some typical features of a Davenport office:

    Tilting tray: Davenport desk has a tilting tray that can be raised to create a comfortable work surface. This allows you to place the desktop in an ergonomic position to write or use a laptop.

    Built-in Storage: Under the reclining tray, the Davenport desk typically has drawers and

    ... storage compartments for office supplies and accessories. Some models may even have compartments specifically designed for ink pens and ink.

    Compact design: The Davenport desk is designed to be compact and portable. It is often mounted on a pedestal or low feet, allowing it to be moved easily from one room to another.

    Classic Style: The Davenport desk generally has an elegant and timeless design, with neat ornaments and finishes. It is often made of quality wood, such as oak, walnut or mahogany.

    Due to its ancient style and specific character, the Davenport desk is not as commonly produced by contemporary manufacturers. However, it is possible to find replicas or period furniture in antique shops, flea markets or specialized auctions.

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