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    Electric corkscrew - Corkscrew

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    The electric corkscrew, whether battery operated or rechargeable battery operated, is a great ally for opening your wine bottles. No extraction force and childishly simple, this bottle opener elegantly combines technology and efficiency. Composed of a large handle hiding the motor as well as a screw and a bell, it will allow you to open a bottle in less than ten seconds.

    The electric corkscrew works on a relatively simple principle. After cutting out the capsule that seals your bottle, you simply place the screw with the bell over your cork. Afterwards, a light pressure on the bottom button allows

    Peugeot -  - Electric Corkscrew

    Think of the 1h store withdrawal: it's simple, fast and 100% free!



    ... you to insert the long and thin screw inside the cork. However, be careful not to use this bottle opener on a fragile cork at the risk of damaging it and prefer then a bimetal corkscrew. Thanks to this technology, all you have to do is press the top button to extract the cork from the neck in an upward direction. Last step, press the top button again to remove the cork from the screw.

    Usually designed with colored leds offering a very nice effect, the electric corkscrew is a very practical object. Even if it can be a little noisy and it is preferable not to use it on damaged corks, its ease and time of extraction makes it one of the most effective bottle openers on the market.

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