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    Univers :  Tabletop accessories

    Table accessories: They reveal our habits! 
    Place mats, napkin rings, corkscrews and crumb collectors: while the large family of table accessories is undergoing various changes, from the slow disappearance of the table hoover to toast holders and finger bowl rinsers, some, more indispensable than others, are surfing on the design trend and the return to the "family home" spirit to develop new habits?
    Trivet: it no longer hides! Indispensable accessory to avoid damaging or staining the tablecloth, the trivet has become a real decorative object in recent years. No more anonymous place mats that you put away in the drawer after use, the new generation is no longer hiding! Between design creation and object of curiosity, let's mention the playful porcelain pearl necklace by Konstantin Slawinski, an idea also present at Ferm Living but in an ecological version with a necklace made of 15 large cork pearls of 3 cm diameter, which can hold the hottest dishes. The idea of the game is particularly used for the trivet, which is still one of the most essential accessories on our tables:
    MIDIPY CHILEWICH Sol & Luna Alterego-Design Philippi Mariage Freres Puiforcat

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    Clément Brazille
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    Xavier de Chirac
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    Géraldine Prieur
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    ... Legnoart has a propeller / Cerus in light ash by Frederico Arquint, which can be completely folded up, Ardi makes a simple cross in polished "Macroix" aluminium into a beautiful object and Zanetto takes the shape of the famous "arobase" in silver-plated stainless steel (Nastro).
    Quick, a table jewel!  Habits change, some accessories are relegated to the cupboards while others find a second youth: this is the case of napkin rings. The napkin ring is gradually disappearing from everyday life, but nowadays it is used for festive purposes, more as an ornament than as a practical habit: it is now reserved for special occasions and therefore looks more and more like a piece of jewellery! L'Objet creates precious napkin rings in the shape of pagodas, starfish or chiselled bracelets, Alexandre Turpault adorns his "Gemme" collection with pieces of glass cut like precious stones and Benetton sets its platinum-plated brass napkin "bracelets" with crystals. So beautiful that one would almost want to turn them into bracelets!     
    The return of the bells ... Cake, flat, cheese bells... usually made of transparent glass, on a presentation stand: bells are making a comeback in the spotlight since 2014! In line with pastry emissions, promoting home-made and culinary design, the bells invite you to indulge your sweet tooth! Maisons du Monde, Culinary Concept, Maison de Famille and Demeure et Jardins remain in the tradition with transparent, curved bells with chiselled edges. But others are diverting it to adapt it to our new culinary desires. Pastries, cheeses, hot dishes, bread... the bell is used to present everything, and can keep warm if it is made of stainless steel.
    Among the most original, let's mention Athezza, which offers a multiple collection of glass bells, of all styles with or without base, and which with its "Corda" model totally frees itself from the classic codes: a simple, very pure glass bell that is lifted with a "coarse" jute fibre rope for an ultra trendy version of this old-fashioned accessory. Another favourite: the Cco bell by the Italian Pianoprimo with its side handle in blown glass. Finally, there are also design bells with new shapes, such as those by Hering Berlin or Haviland, which keep the secret of their content (and its warmth) under a suit of immaculate porcelain or earthenware. Not stupid, the bell should have a bright future ahead of it!
    ...and the sweetener! In the same family, the sweet treats, accessories that were still classified as "vintage" yesterday, are coming out of the box and making a remarkable comeback. Traditionally made up of three cups of decreasing sizes mounted on a central axis, they are made of shiny stainless steel at Haviland, of zinc-aged metal at Maisons du Monde or of glass at Leonardo, to present sweet and savoury petits fours while saving space on the table. User-friendly if ever there was one, here is an accessory that also invites creativity from manufacturers, and should develop with the craze for "I made it myself!" and new user-friendly habits. Revisited, the sweet-holder is an accessory full of resources, which can be diverted at will to store jewellery for example: Asplund designs it with three different trays, Koziol makes it futuristic in slightly pearly "marsala" coloured plastic and "Un décor se crée" reinterprets it simply by superimposing three cups in immaculate PVC.      

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