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    Water table - Fountains

    A water table is a decorative element for outdoor spaces that combines a flat surface and a fountain in its centre. It is generally used as a focal point in gardens, terraces, patios and other outdoor relaxation areas.

    The water table is usually made of stone, concrete, ceramic or metal, and can be of different shapes and sizes. The flat table top can be used as a surface for placing drinks or decorations, while the fountain in its center brings a touch of tranquility and relaxation with the soothing sound of water flowing.

    Some water tables are equipped with a

    ... pump system and can be used as a stand-alone fountain. Others are designed to be connected to a water circuit, allowing them to be used as a real fountain.

    The water tables can be decorated with plants, flowers, pebbles, candles, lanterns and other elements to create a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere in the outdoor area.

    Here are some European manufacturers of water tables:

    1. OASE (Germany) - Website:
    2. Ubbink (Netherlands) - Website:
    3. Esschert Design (Netherlands) - Website:
    4. Blumfeldt (Germany) - Website:
    5. AquaForte (Netherlands) - Website:
    6. Velda (Netherlands) - Website:
    7. Oase Living Water (United Kingdom) - Website:
    8. Pontec (Germany) - Website:
    9. Vivaria (Netherlands) - Website:

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