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    solar cooker - Various cooking aids

    A solar cooker, also known as a solar cooker or solar oven, is a kitchen device that uses solar energy to cook food. Unlike traditional stoves that use fuels such as gas, coal or electricity, a solar pot uses the energy of the sun to heat and cook food. Here’s how a solar pot usually works:

    Solar reflectors: A solar pot is often composed of a solar reflector, which is a reflective material, such as mirrors or metal surfaces, arranged in such a way as to focus sunlight on a cooking area.

    Heat collection: Reflected sunlight is directed to a

    SOLAR BROTHER - sungood -- - Solar Cooker
    sungood --

    Foldable, the Sungood unfolds in 5 minutes and fits in your bag. Cook ratatouille, vegetables, rice, ...

    SOLAR BROTHER - sungood - Solar Cooker

    ... cooking area where a receptacle containing the food to be cooked is placed. The solar rays hit the receptacle and heat its contents.

    Thermal insulation: The solar pot is generally well insulated to retain heat inside. This maintains a constant temperature inside the cooking vessel.

    Slow cooking: Food slowly cooks inside the solar pot due to the gradual accumulation of solar heat. The cooking time can be longer compared to traditional cooking, but the advantages are cooking without carbon emissions, fuel consumption and energy cost.

    Variety of models: There are different models of solar pots, from the simplest, with a parabolic reflector and a cooking receptacle, to more sophisticated models with automatic solar tracking to maximize efficiency.

    However, they have some limitations, including their dependence on sunny weather, as they do not work well on cloudy days or at night.

    European manufacturers: 

    Solvatten (Sweden), Cookup Solutions (Spain), GoSun (UK), SunCook (Germany)...

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