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    Kitchen Cooking
    Tired of dragging around your old pots and pans? Do you want to replace your kitchen utensils? Given the wide range of products on offer, it's time to think again. Cookware is an investment made to last several years. So don't get carried away. Several criteria must be taken into account: daily use, eating habits and, above all, cooking methods. For example, with induction hobs, only ferromagnetic pans, made of cast iron, enamelled steel or special stainless steel, are compatible.
    There is no need to clutter up the cupboards with a full range of cookware that you will only use half the time. It is best to buy the elements separately and focus on quality. Three pots and pans of different sizes are usually sufficient. Whether stainless steel, copper or tin-plated, the important thing is to choose a thick bottom that guarantees stability and good heat distribution. For pans, three are useful: one for meat and fish, one with a flat rim for pancakes and one deep for stews. Stainless steel pans with a non-stick coating
    ITI  - Indian Textile Innovation
    Emile Henry
    ... represent 98% of the market. They are easy to clean and guarantee light cooking without fat.
    Dishes and moulds are the indispensable complements for baking. The use of flexible silicone moulds has become widespread. These moulds are favoured by the greatest pastry chefs for the following advantages: easy removal from the mould without breaking and various shapes that make perfect fluted, madeleines and muffins.
    With these basics, you can enjoy tajine dishes, works and planchas, ideal for exotic and different cooking. Fashionable in Europe for some years now, the wok has existed in China for more than 2000 years. Its semi-spherical shape, which allows food to be cooked quickly with a low heat source, explains its popularity. Today, with the taste of Asian cuisine, it is used to sauté meat, fish and vegetables cut into thin strips and fried.
    Laplancha is a metal plate heated with gas or electricity from Spain and tapas bars. It is a real craze with prestigious chefs such as Paul Bocuse and Alin Ducasse and with private individuals. User-friendly, this grill cooks food directly and without fat. Unlike barbecues, there is no long start-up time and no risk of food catching fire. It is a practical and nice alternative for sunny days.
    For breakfast, electric kettle, toaster and coffee maker form an inseparable trio. This small appliance is elegant and handy on the worktop.  It should not be out of place in modern, open and sophisticated kitchens. In stainless steel or pastel colours, these appliances have retro, 50s or designer looks.
    Stylish coffee makers are also sophisticated. Drinking a good espresso at home is possible. The latest thing: the capsule espresso machine. Perfect marketing, Hollywood advertising, everything contributes to its undeniable success. Marcel Wanders, the hottest designer, has dressed it up for the winter. In red or black, his creation is adorned with baroque arabesques. So chic! 
    With all this "stovetop" equipment, let's start cooking?

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