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    Europe represents more than 50% of worldwide tableware export and import. However, Asia exports 572 million euros of tableware products to France every year. A formidable competitor...

    Although household consumption has been running out of steam over the last few years due to the decline in the marriage present list market and the reduction in the purchase of complete dinner services, greater competition from Asian products has also contributed to the situation. Consumers are often caught between two trends: buying lower quality inexpensive products that are easy to replace and “paying the price” for a product that is really different (sales advice, innovative concept, design and/or high quality products). European manufacturers are focussing on two main ways of achieving this necessary distinction: environmental concerns and design.

    Jumping on the green bandwagon. Environmental concerns and fair trade are going full steam ahead, attracting an increasing number of consumers and manufacturers. The green bandwagon is omnipresent and everyone is trying to jump on and find a new marketing boost. Bamboo, appreciated for its extremely fast

    Cristallerie Royale De Champagne
    Saint Louis

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    Clément Brazille
    Designer, Creator
    Xavier de Chirac
    Landscape Architect
    Géraldine Prieur
    Interior Designer
    Alexandra Bernaudin
    ... growth and many natural qualities, is becoming increasingly popular for crockery and cutlery.  Ekobo, an pioneer in the field, offers attractive lacquered bamboo tableware handmade by its partner craftsmen. Siléa markets a complete range of bamboo cutlery. And there’s more to come ….

    Glass, a recyclable material par excellence, is a favourite with desginers and fast replacing porcelain. Driven by the success of its Green Table collection launched last year, Luminarc is continuing its search for the ideal material: less energy-hungry during the production cycle, 3 times more resistant than porcelain, and recyclable at the end of its life span. After 3 years of R&D, Zénix might prove to be the winning number! When design and environmental concerns meet, success is not far off …

    Design wins the days - Can creativity, imagination and fantasy really make a difference in the current slump in the tableware sector?   To stand out from a basic offering invaded by cheap Asian products, innovation might well be the key to success.  This is the reason that well-known brands are bringing in no less well-known designers. This winter, Stelton has called on Paul Smith, Ercuis on decorator Hilton Mac Connico who has come up with his own colourful version of the coffee service (Twist) and Baccarat on Marcel Wanders for its latest superb collection of glasses.  On the accessory side, Alessi had Matali Crasset and Pierre Hermé have designed the aptly named collection “Essentiel de Pâtisserie”. There is no denying that design is quickly becoming a winning card. And what a card!

    Pop or vintage? Among the design trends this winter, Pop Art and Vintage will continue to be a strong presence and help to brighten up our tables during the colder months. In an attempt to break away from the unadorned style of traditional cutlery, handles are now appearing in the muted colours of the fifties, while teaspoons and drinking glasses are being decorated with vividly-coloured melamine. And it’s not just for children! You only need take a look at Sabre, Verdier and Becquet, for example.

    And to satisfy our need for conviviality, mini-glasses for appertizers, mini-platters from Guzzini and other ware for cocktail food are gaining popularity. A festive way to beat the slump with attitude ...

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