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    Didier Aaron (New York) 2 seater sofa - Canapé à joues

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    By: Saint-Petersburg or Moscow, Russia Circa 1800 - Neoclassical Description: Mahogany and mahogany veneer on pine carcass. Gilt bronze and brass. The two high sides are veneered in mahogany on both interior and exterior. The back is removable, undoubtedly to make it easier to replace the upholstery. This sofa belongs to a stylistic movement that appeared around 1790, which is commonly called ?Jacob style? in Russia. This sofa is entirely characteristic of the style. On the one hand, its structure has the clear, geometrical forms inspired by architecture. In this context, we would note the ?armrests? in mahogany simulating cloth bolsters, which add to the pure lines of the whole. We would also point out the interesting movement of the back, the product of a certain stylistic evolution, inviting us to date this piece to around 1800. Also, there is the systematic use of mahogany and striated baguettes as well as the striped plaques to compose a more or less complex ornamentation, based on the diamond shape for the most part. It should be mentioned however that here we do not have a simple thin sheet of brass worked in repoussé to form the moldings?even if the technique was in common usage in Russia?but bronze that has been cast and gilded. This choice highlights the high degree of quality sought in the creation of the piece, distancing it from the usual relative rusticity of Russian furniture and making it comparable to French pieces. Also, the two spheres (in molded brass) appear as a rather unusual finishing touch for this period in Russia, evoking rather furniture made in France after designs by the painter David over the years 1790-1800. This piece then, while a veritable archetype of ?Russian Jacob style?, seems to have retained the lessons of Parisian cabinetmakers as well. Dimensions: Height : 103.5 cm (40 ¾ inches) ? Width : 157 cm (61 ¾ inches) ? Depth : 72.5 cm (28 ½ inches)


    • Origin : UNITED STATES
    • Materials : Bronze, Pine, Mahogany
    • Color : Red

    The entire collection of Didier Aaron (New York)