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    Univers :  Seats & Sofas

    Get a seat! Indispensable for our domestic comfort, the seat "in all its forms" comes second in our purchases after bedding. Designers are vying with each other in their creativity in the design of floor cushion, armchairs and sofas!


    Sofa, the master of the living room

    It is the furniture par excellence, reflecting comfort, pleasure and well-being. Popular with a large number of us for its conviviality, this piece of furniture is available as a straight sofa, corner sofa, modular sofa and convertible sofa. From 2 to 5 places, and much more for the modular sofas, it offers a great asset in the decoration of your living room.

    Decofinder offers you many styles, such as the club sofa or the chesterfield sofa, but also more classic seats with revisited textiles. Velvet, for example, offers soft and powdery shades, such as water green or pale pink, typical of the fifties, bringing a cosy and delicate atmosphere.


    Seats with tricks :

    The sofas are equipped with storage spaces, shelves, containers for flower pots, etc. After the "Volcane" bench and its integrated tree, Bellila has invented the "Alfred" sofa, a perfect illustration of the mutation of the genre. This 3 or 4-seater sofa is based on a simple design that brings together the essentials: a comfortable seat, a table top for decorative objects or a lamp, and a storage space at the bottom for newspapers.

    Another feature of this furniture is its versatility. Double bed or sofa, this piece of furniture becomes the ultimate convertible. Taking up the various shapes of this seat, the sofa bed brings a new flexibility, thanks to a simple and fast opening system which leaves room for a very comfortable bed. Functional and innovative, like all Milano Bedding products, the sofa bed is the perfect space-saving piece of furniture for sleeping on a daily basis or for entertaining without losing space.

    Whether a corner, straight or convertible sofa, this piece of furniture sits proudly in the living room, as an essential for relaxation. In addition, the trend is towards the return of armchairs and deep, wraparound sofas to be able to curl up in peace and quiet. The return of the Victorian-style "ear" armchair and sofa is also noticeable.


    Armchair, the right companion 

    In the living room, parents' room or office, the armchair offers a space away from preoccupations where it is good to lounge. Generally used as a complement to the sofa in the living room, this piece of furniture stands out for its lightness and convenience.

    Whether it's the enveloping "Toa" by Cinna or the iconic design of Arne Jacobsen's Swan armchair, this piece of furniture has the ability to exist in many forms and to be regularly revisited by the great names in design. Even historic models are now being revisited, like the traditional house of Moissonnier, which draws its inspiration from history, but multiplies the most shimmering and exuberant textiles for its gilded wooden canopies and wingchaire.


    The banquette and the banquet bench

    The banquette and the bench are essential, practical pieces of furniture known for their great conviviality and are ideal seats for large tables and long discussions. Differentiated by the use or not of a backrest, they offer today a padded and comfortable seat for 2 or 4 people. Cosy and design, they can be installed anywhere, whether in a kitchen, a living room or an entrance hall.


    Poufs, crazy about design

    Is the footstool the new stool? It is certain that the line between the two seats is becoming increasingly thin. Affordable, with original shapes, a "space-saving" spirit, and an assumed versatility: in recent years, the footstool has acquired a place of its own, which has enabled it to make steady progress in sales. At once a "beautiful object" while retaining its seating function, it crosses all styles, from contemporary chic (Ka International) to ethnic (No Made 97% India) and adopts all shapes.

    A festival of creativity allows this clever little chair to find its place in any room! Finally, in the top 10 of the smartest poufs, let's mention the creations made of recycled boat sails by 727 Sailbags, to make a "comfortable" gesture in favour of the oceans!


    Chair, the original 

    Four legs, a seat and a backrest for multiple aesthetics. The chair is undoubtedly the most common piece of furniture in our homes. Folded up and stored away, around the dining room table or in the office, this seat is practical and manageable. Designers have seized upon it to create exclusive and original pieces, like the designer Verner Panton and his eponymous chair available from Vitra. Made of wood, plastic or metal, this indoor and outdoor furniture is one of those essential seats that have been revisited many times.


    This universe includes all the essential seating for optimal comfort. You will also find a range of day bed and inflatable furniture to furnish all your spaces.

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