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    Benches - Seats & Sofas

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    Whether made of wood, plastic or metal, the bench is omnipresent. From public furniture, to places of worship, to the interior and exterior of houses, it comes in many models, so much so that today it is gradually losing its reputation as rustic furniture. Reinvented by many designers, such as with Riva's 1920 "Molletta Medium" in the shape of a large clothespin, this slender and mobile seat, with or without backrest, offers plenty of space and can always be squeezed in to accommodate an extra guest. If the bench is a furnishing solution that is constantly reinventing itself, it is

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    RIVA 1920
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    Eichholtz - bruno - Bench

    Dimensions: 60 x 40 x H. 48,5 cm

    Price upon request
    Century -  - Blanket Chest
    Blanket chest

    Outside: W: 58.50 in X D: 24.75 in X H: 22 in COM: 7.5 yrd Volume: 46 cft Weight: 121 lbs

    Price upon request
    Classic Design Italia -  - Bench

    Designer : George Nelson

    3-seater seat. Natural wood (or black-lasted) tray. Black laqué wooden feet.

    Price upon request
    ORIGEN - deer antler bench - Bench

    Deer antler bench

    Price upon request
    JIUN HO - arica - Bench

    Legs : Metal / Espresso or Metal / Cinnamon

    Price upon request
    QOWOOD -  - Bench
    Price upon request
    CREATIVE-IRON - gothique - Bench

    Dimensions(length, width, height) 80cm x 22,5cm x 70cm (31,5in x 9in x 27,5in) weight: 10kg (22lbs)

    1500 € approx.
    Qubing -  - Blanket Chest
    Blanket chest
    Price upon request
    MARK DAVID -  - Bench

    96 in.W x 21 in.D x 18 in.OH

    Price upon request
    MAXDESIGN - stripe - Bench


    Price upon request
    Raumgestalt -  - Bench

    Bench made of solid oak 120 x 31 x 45 cm.

    Price upon request
    AYTM -  angui - Bench

    elegant Bench

    Price upon request
    JAMINI - charpoy - Bench

    Designer : Jamini

    2 versions

    Price upon request
    LAVANISO -  - Corner Bench
    Corner bench
    365.86 € approx.
    DIRECT AMEUBLEMENT - bastide - Monastery Bench
    Monastery bench

    Model 220 Total Dimensions L 220 x P 30 x H 45 cm Delivered feet to mount

    550 € approx.
    DESIGN VINTAGE -  - Bench
    MILLION -  - Bench

    Designer : Jens Kajus Claus Jakobsen

    696 € approx.
    CETOF -  - Bench
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    ... above all because it is user-friendly, practical and full of charm.


    From the trunk to the bench :

    It is difficult to define the date of creation of the bench, as there are so many iconographic sources, such as certain bas-reliefs from ancient Egypt. However, an anecdote persists in the West: it is not uncommon to hear that the idea for the bench comes from the trunk of a lying tree. This image comes to us from several engravings in the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve are basking near the tree of knowledge.


    However, it is from the medieval period onwards that this wooden tray with legs will gradually become more popular and evolve. Offering a large number of seats as well as a great conviviality thanks to the proximity between individuals, this piece of furniture is very present during banquets. At the same time, it is introduced in religious buildings so that the faithful can sit down. Towards the end of the High Middle Ages, this piece of furniture was supplemented by a backrest and armrests at its ends, and was gradually enriched with ornamentation. Later on, the arch-bench was introduced to provide practical furniture, with storage space to make it easier to transport. Moreover, this type of furniture still exists, under the name of  chest bench.


    Present in homes and places of worship, this piece of furniture will gradually embellish gardens and become a piece of ceremonial furniture during the Renaissance. In modern times, it will evolve, become more refined and become more and more comfortable. Sumptuous and ornamented, it is represented in pictorial art as a piece of furniture that brings men courting young ladies and where families and friends get together to share a delicate and convivial moment.


    In its history, the bench has had many forms, such as the radassier (a series of chairs glued together), but it has retained this asset, that of a warm and sharing space. To do this, after stone and wood, metal will be used in the design of this seat and more particularly wrought iron. Delicate and ornamented, it is gradually being invited into our towns, with public benches, in our gardens and in our homes.


    The different benches :

    Nowadays, creators and designers have taken hold of this collective seat, leaving room for imagination, both in form and material, notably concrete, resin or plastic... As old as the world, the bench in its monastic or revisited form is still present today and is back in fashion "sous toutes ses coutures"...


    Bench :

    It comes in a multitude of shapes, seats and materials. Generally designed for two to four people, some models offer a larger capacity, such as the "Canoe" from the Italian company Imperfettolab (about eight people). However, the standard size is usually 140 centimetres, which is a piece of furniture for two to three people. Whether you prefer it with or without a backrest and armrests and with an upholstered or non-upholstered seat, the garden or indoor bench is a user-friendly and practical solution for your everyday life. On average, you will find models between €100 and €500 and more complex and larger models around €2,000.


    Chest bench :

    This is a practical solution to the lack of storage space. Whether for your interior or your exterior, the boot bench is an alternative that will allow you to store things easily while still providing space for your guests. Design or rustic, it fits elegantly into the space with a size generally similar to the bench (140 centimetres) and its price varies between €150 and €500 on average.


    Church bench and monastery bench :

    Mainly made of rough or lacquered wood, this piece of furniture offers a large number of seats to accommodate the faithful. Ornamented or uncluttered, it measures between 140 and 280 centimetres, or even 480 centimetres in some cases. Some models are usually fitted with a backrest, and some models may have armrests at the ends or between each seat. The monastery bench does not have a backrest and armrests. On average, these pews cost between €200 and €1,000 depending on their degree of ornamentation and the number of seats.


    Corner bench :

    This one-piece piece of furniture is similar to the sofa but simpler in construction and materials used. Practical, design and user-friendly, this seat measures around 160 centimetres by 240 centimetres back for a price ranging from €350 to over €2,500 for some models, such as the "DEXTER" sold by the Seanroyale company. Very often equipped with a backrest, it is the right piece of furniture to receive several guests and can be easily moved, unlike a sofa.


    With a history that goes back thousands of years, craftsmen and designers have been able to develop this furniture to adapt it to contemporary tastes and needs. Practical and user-friendly, this slender seat, with a wide variety of designs and shapes, fits perfectly around a table, in a living room, in an entrance hall, in a garden and in many other ways, as you can discover in our mag. Affordable, handy and warm, the bench is a functional and decorative asset that adapts to every space, while offering beautiful moments of sharing and complicity.

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