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    About Decofinder

    Since 1994, Decofinder has been the online exhibition for decoration, furniture and design. Decofinder has been created to enable buyers private and professional) to find the products, companies and documents they are looking for quickly. It is a fantastic discovery tool for buyers, also ensuring companies better distribution of their products at the national and international level, more profitability thanks to being able to access additional clientele during the acquisition phase, as well as enabling access to new markets, expanding ranges of products in addition to commercialisation that is quicker, more direct and more economical.

    The market

    The decoration industry is made up of numerous companies, often small and not very communicative. Our findings indicate that in 95 % of cases, the purchaser ignores the name of the product manufacturer when searching. This reality makes it very difficult to access their collections. It is a fact: The companies in this sector are crucially lacking the notoriety, an element that drives sales sooner or later.

    Useful for Internet users

    The buyer searches for a certain object: a sofa, a floor lamp, a whirlpool bathtub... He would like to see and discover all the products that he can buy, have access their manufacturers and points of sale. In a single click and in record time, Decofinder gives him a rich and varied offer that perfectly corresponds to his demands.

    According to an OpinionWay survey, 67% of Decofinder visitors are in the phase of acquisition. But before buying, the Internet user has to "shop around" in order to decide.

    Decofinder is useful because it presents all of the sector's products on the same site and in five languages. These products can be accessed using key words, by product family or, if you know it, by brand. They can be sorted by style, colour, theme, designer, and of course according to price. In this way, Internet users discover products and companies they did not know 5 minutes beforehand. [Additional information]

    Useful for companies

    That is because it is the bridge between supply and demand. Decofinder is an authentic marketing tool for decoration professionals. Exhibiting products there where clients are looking for them generates numerous business opportunities.

    Decofinder makes your products and your company known to millions of Internet users (3 million in 2012) throughout the entire world (45% exports). 28% of these visitors are professionals. Private individuals (72%) belong substantially to the upper socio-professional category (CSP+), focussed on decoration, and are, above all, actively in the phase of acquisition. This assures greater notoriety and additional turnover. [Additional information]

    A site that increases value

    Decofinder presents its exhibitors under the best conditions: full-page visuals, company description, collections, innovations, list of resellers, newsletters, link to the website. Several methods allow a product or a company to be particularly emphasised.

    Comprehensive and up-to-date support

    Decofinder lists all the products and companies in the field of decoration. Decofinder publishes a special-theme edition each week. Decofinder is updated in real time thanks to Decopro where the exhibitors update their own collections themselves.

    Audience & visitors

    A necessity since 1994 and available in 5 languages (German, English, Spanish, French and Italian), Decofinder brings together 3 million visitors annually

    • 28 % are professionals being around 1,000,000 per year
    • 45% are international visitors, being 1,350,000 per year
    • 8% of the visitors buy immediately after consulting Decofinder being 240,000 translations per year. (OpinionWay)
    • 10 million page views
    • 700,000 exhibitor contacts

    [Additional information]

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