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    Sponge - Brushes & Sponges

    A bath sponge is a tool commonly used for washing while bathing or showering. They are generally made from soft, porous materials such as foam, cotton or cellulose, which absorb water and soap to gently cleanse the skin.

    Bath sponges are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit individual needs and preferences. As well as cleansing the skin, using a bath sponge can also help to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation.

    However, it's important not to rub the skin too hard with a bath sponge, as this can irritate the skin and cause inflammation.

    OHËPO - frimousse - Sponge

    FRIMOUSSE is a natural and eco-responsible sponge fished in the Mediterranean Sea in underwater ...

    Croll & Denecke -  - Sponge
    Croll & Denecke
    Price upon request
    Amelie et Melanie -  - Sponge
    Amelie et Melanie
    Price upon request
    ARÔME DE MAISON  - exfoliante - Sponge

    Natural Vetiver sponge from the mountains of Madagascar. Place your soap on the Vetiver sponge and ...

    14 € approx.
    THE KONJACSPONGECO - éponge konjac à l'argile  - Sponge

    Konjac sponge with French red clay - KONJAC SPONGE COMPANY Skin type: for sensitive, mature and dry ...

    8.90 € approx.
    ... Bath sponges can be purchased in most personal care shops and are often offered in multi-packs for long-term use. It is advisable to clean the bath sponge regularly after each use by rinsing it thoroughly with warm water and hanging it up to dry completely.

    Here are some popular European bath sponge manufacturers:

    Spontex: Spontex is a French company specialising in the production of sponges and other cleaning products, including bath sponges. The brand offers soft, exfoliating bath sponges.

    Zenith: Zenith is a Spanish company specialising in bath sponges and other bath accessories. The brand offers bath sponges in different sizes and textures to meet individual needs.

    Mungo : Mungo is a German company specialising in bath sponges made from natural fibres, including organic cotton and ramie. The brand's bath sponges are durable and environmentally friendly.

    Croll & Denecke : Croll & Denecke is a German company specialising in natural beauty products, including bath sponges made from natural fibres such as sea sponges and konjac sponges.

    LoofCo: LoofCo is a British company specialising in natural fibre bath sponges and other bath accessories, such as loofah sponges and sisal shower gloves.

    It is important to note that brand availability may vary by country and region. We recommend that you consult local manufacturers and distributors for information on products available in your area. 

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