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    Bottle drip free collar - Wine accessories

    A bottle drop collar is an accessory designed to prevent drops of wine or other liquids from flowing along the neck of a bottle. It is usually used when serving wine to avoid stains and splashes on the tablecloth or table.

    The anti-drip collar attaches around the bottle neck and usually has a soft rubber or silicone lip that fits tightly to the glass when you pour the wine. This lip helps to direct the drops of wine inside the bottle rather than along the neck.

    The use of an anti-drip collar can be especially useful when you serve red

    KENWOOD -  - Bottle Drip Free Collar
    190 € approx.
    Avec Home Design -  - Bottle Drip Free Collar
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    Unique in its kind, this ultra-efficient drop-out collector becomes an indispensable oenology ...

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    TOUT VACUVIN -  - Bottle Drip Free Collar

    imitation crystal imitation plastic spout. Lot of 2. Makes service easier with its anti-drop system

    ... wine, which tends to stain easily. It keeps the bottle and table clean, while avoiding accidents or unwanted splashes.

    The anti-slip collars are available in different shapes and materials, and can be found in stores specializing in wine accessories or online. They are often made of stainless steel, plastic or silicone, and can be reused.

    In summary, a bottle drop collar is a handy accessory to prevent wine drops from flowing along the neck and causing stains or splashes when serving wine.

    Some well-known European brands in this area include:

    Pulltex (Spain) - Pulltex is a Spanish company that offers a range of wine accessories, including anti-slip collars.

    Vacu Vin (Netherlands) - Vacu Vin is a Dutch brand known for its innovative products in the field of wine accessories, including anti-slip collars.

    Le Creuset (France) - Le Creuset is a French brand specialized in cooking utensils and wine accessories. They also offer anti-drop bottle collars.

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