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    Wine coaster - Wine accessories

    A coaster, also known as a coaster, is an accessory used to install and protect the surfaces of tables or countertops from condensation drops and stains caused by bottles containing cold drinks.

    In stainless steel, transparent or colored they give a look to your bottles.

    Richard Orfèvre - saturne - Wine Coaster

    Available to order in solid silver 950. Under the bottle sober, elegant and very contemporary.

    Price upon request
    Tirinnanzi - line blue lemons - Wine Coaster
    line blue lemons

    Designer : Anna Ranieri

    Classic tuscan design this line is produced since january 2019 ...

    19 € approx.
    J.D. DIFFUSION -  - Wine Coaster

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    Les Specialistes

    Richard Orfèvre Tirinnanzi J.D. DIFFUSION LA-MA-DE Antiquités du marché des Ternes
    LA-MA-DE -  - Wine Coaster

    Solid oak bottle underwear. Its hexagon shape allows it to be arranged with others side by side, or ...

    Antiquités du marché des Ternes -  - Wine Coaster
    Antiquités du marché des Ternes

    Silver metal bottle underside. Net model. Gandais House, Royal Palace. Early 20th century. Diameter: ...

    Price upon request

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