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    Wine tasting tool - Wine accessories

    La Clé du Vin is a measuring tool that allows you to instantly assess the storage capacity and aging potential of a wine. Using the Wine Key, it is also possible to taste a wine too young and fully appreciate its qualities, without waiting.

    The use of the Wine Key is simple: simply dip the instrument in a glass of wine. Each second of contact corresponds to a year of aging (1 second for 1 year, 2 seconds for 2 years, and so on up to 5 seconds for 5 years). This tool is suitable for all types of wines,

    SOMMELIER ON LINE -  - Wine Tasting Tool
    Price upon request
    SOMMELIER ON LINE -  - Wine Tasting Tool
    Price upon request
    ... whether they are dry or sweet white, rosé, red or sparkling.

    Here’s how to use it:

    Serve yourself a glass of wine and taste it to evaluate your sensations.
    Dip the Wine Key in the wine and taste again.
    Each second of contact between the lozenge and the wine represents a year of aging.
    If, after several contacts or a long contact period, the wine preserves or improves its qualities, this indicates that it has a potential for storage.
    On the other hand, if the wine loses its qualities after one or two seconds of contact, it means that it has no potential for storage.
    You can repeat this operation second after second until you notice signs of wine decline. This will allow you to determine its conservation potential.
    La Clé du Vin is the fruit of 10 years of research and was created by Franck THOMAS, the best sommelier in Europe in 2000, in collaboration with a professor of chemistry and biology. She received the silver medal at the Lépine International Inventions Contest in Paris and has 4 international patents.

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