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    Pasta pan - Casseroles

    A pasta pot is a specific type of pot designed for cooking pasta. It is characterized by its large size, cylindrical shape and specific features that make it suitable for cooking pasta efficiently. Some key features of a pasta pot include:

    Large capacity: Pasta pots are usually large enough to hold a large amount of pasta. They are often used in restaurants and commercial kitchens to cook portions of pasta for many diners.

    Pasta basket: A pasta pot is usually equipped with a perforated basket that can be lowered into the pot to cook the pasta. Once the pasta is

    Lagostina - rossella-- - Pasta Pan

    LAGOSTINA presents a unique new collection that introduces colour to the kitchen: ROSSELLA - A ...

    Price upon request
    Rösle France William Bounds -  - Pasta Pan
    Rösle France William Bounds
    Price upon request

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    ZANI SERAFINO Lagostina Bialetti Rösle France William Bounds Baumstal KnIndustrie
    Lagostina - rossella - Pasta Pan

    A passion red, a bold red, an intense Venetian red for a ceramic exterior coating. And always ...

    Price upon request
    Lagostina - pandora  - Pasta Pan

    From the soft and rounded, evoking the traditional earthen pots of yesteryear, PANDORA is ...

    Price upon request
    ZANI SERAFINO - al dente - Pasta Pan

    Al dente SPAGHETTERIA 20 CM

    Baumstal - traiteur multifonction - Pasta Pan

    Designer : Baumstal

    18/10 stainless steel processor with a colander. Used as a pot of high capacity or for cooking pasta ...

    368 € approx.
    KnIndustrie - the glass pot - Pasta Pan
    the glass pot

    With this glass pot, KnIndustrie wants to go beyond the classic concept of matching sets of pots. It ...

    ... cooked, simply lift the basket to drain quickly and easily, without having to empty the entire pot.

    Lid: Most pasta pots come with a lid that keeps the heat inside the pot during cooking. The lid can also help to speed up the boiling of water.

    Robustness: Pasta pots are generally made of stainless steel or aluminum to resist corrosion and wear due to frequent use.

    Handles: They are equipped with strong handles for easy handling, as they can become very heavy when filled with water and pasta.

    Capacity indicators: Some pasta pots have capacity marks printed inside to help measure the amount of water needed based on the number of portions of pasta you want to cook.

    Renowned European manufacturers: Several European manufacturers are famous for their high-quality pasta pots. Some of the most recognized brands include:

    Beka (Belgium) 

    Lagostina, Italy 

    Fissler (Germany) 

    The Crucible (France) 

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