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    Fish pan - Pans

    The fish pan is a kitchen utensil specially designed for cooking fish fillets and other seafood. These pans usually have an elongated, flat shape that allows the fish to be seared and cooked evenly.

    Fish Pan Styles:

    Flat fish pan: Flat fish pans have a flat cooking surface and long handles, making them ideal for searing and cooking fish fillets. They are available in different sizes to fit different portions of fish.

    Fish grill pan: Fish grill pans have grooves on the surface that create grill marks on fish fillets. They are ideal for grilling fish indoors, adding a grill

    VALIRA -  - Fish Pan
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    ... flavor.

    Non-stick Fish Pan: Some fish pans have a non-stick coating that makes it easy to cook and flip fish fillets without sticking to the surface.

    Copper Fish Pan: Copper fish pans offer excellent thermal conductivity, allowing precise control of cooking. They are usually lined with a non-reactive material, such as stainless steel, to prevent any chemical reaction between copper and food.

    European fish pan manufacturers:

    From Buyer, The Crucible, Tefal, Mauviel...

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