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    Chronometer - Various decoration accessories

    A chronometer is an extremely accurate time measuring instrument, designed to measure time with high precision, usually used in watchmaking to measure short or long time intervals.

    Stopwatch styles:

    Pocket chronometer: Pocket chronometers are small portable instruments, usually with a precious metal case such as gold or silver. They are traditionally used by navigators and explorers to determine their longitude at sea.

    Marine chronometer: Marine chronometers are designed to be mounted on a stable stand on board a ship. They were of crucial importance for precise navigation on the high seas.

    Chronograph: A chronograph is a watch that incorporates a

    La Timonerie -  - Chronometer
    La Timonerie

    Marine chronometer by Thomas Mercer 1923 with its acajoufabricant box for admiralty exceptional ...

    Price upon request
    La Timonerie -  - Chronometer
    La Timonerie

    Extremely rare pocket stopwatch of the navy Auricostela comparison watch perfectly works its dial ...

    Price upon request
    La Timonerie -  - Chronometer
    La Timonerie

    Marine chronometer by VICTOR KULLBERG 1890 with its acajoufabricant box for the exceptional ...

    Price upon request
    La Timonerie -  - Chronometer
    La Timonerie

    CHRONOMETRE MARINE OR TIME-WORK WORK PARFAITETHlet completely reconditioned by the kirOV maritime ...

    Price upon request
    La Timonerie - chronomètre de marine de thomas mercer - Chronometer
    La Timonerie

    Designer : Thomas Mercer

    Marine Chronometer is signed by Thomas Mercer No. 24 408 This stopwatch has a duration of 52 hours ...

    2100 € approx.
    ... chronometer, which means that it can be used to measure precise time intervals. It is often used in sports to time performance.

    Table chronometer: Table chronometers are precision clocks that are often used in laboratory or scientific environments to measure events with high precision.

    European manufacturers of chronometers:

    Patek Philippe: This Swiss company is renowned for its fine watchmaking watches, some of which are equipped with chronometer movements.

    Rolex: Another renowned Swiss brand, Rolex, manufactures precision wristwatches, some of which are chronometer certified.

    Omega: Omega, also a Swiss company, is famous for its range of wristwatches, including the Speedmaster, which was used by NASA as a stopwatch during the Apollo missions.

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