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    Crest - Various decoration accessories

    A crest, in the context of watchmaking, refers to the upper part of the case of a watch that houses the crown (usually the rod that is turned to adjust the time and date) and can have a distinctive design that contributes to the overall style of the watch. Cimiers are important visual elements of many watches and can vary in style, depending on the brand and model.

    Crest styles:

    Classic crown: Most watches have a simple shaped crown, which can be screwed to ensure the watch’s water-resistance. It is usually located at 3 o'clock on the case.

    Fluted crown:

    Blachere Illumination -  - Crest
    Blachere Illumination

    Pure white star crest with 3 LED flash shimmering diameter of the crest 20cm. This crest will ...

    KANEM - masque cimier, ijo - Crest

    Crest Mask, Ijo Nigeria H.: 73cm Photo © FD Object presented on the 2010 World Tour in Paris.

    Price upon request
    Galerie Afrique -  - Crest
    Galerie Afrique

    Price upon request
    ... Some brands, such as Rolex, have recognizable fluted ridges, which provide a better grip for setting the time.

    Bulb-shaped crown: This style of crest has a bulb or onion shape, which can add a touch of retro or vintage to a watch.

    Crown with brand logo: Many luxury watch brands incorporate their logo or emblem on the crest, which adds a distinctive and elegant touch to the watch.

    European manufacturers:

    Rolex: Rolex is known for its fluted crest and its iconic crown.

    Patek Philippe: Patek Philippe manufactures luxury watches with elegant cimiers, often engraved with the brand logo.

    Audemars Piguet: This Swiss brand is famous for its sports watches and protected crest.

    Omega: Omega offers a variety of cimier styles, including classic cimiers and onion-shaped cimiers on some models.

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