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    Decanter cover - Filters and strainers

    A decanter cheesecloth, sometimes called a decanter sieve, is an accessory used during the decanting process of wine. It allows to filter the solid residues that may be in the wine when pouring it into a container, such as a carafe, to obtain a clearer and pure liquid.

    Operation of the decant cheesecloth:

    The stamen to be decanted is placed in the neck of the carafe or the decanting container. When you pour the wine into the carafe, the cheesecloth acts as a filter, retaining the deposits and solid particles present in the wine, while the pure liquid is poured

    ... into the carafe. This allows the wine to be served without unwanted sediment.

    European manufacturers:

    Riedel (Austria): Riedel is known for its high quality wine glasses, but they could also offer accessories related to wine tasting, including products related to decanting such as stamens.

    Schott Zwiesel (Germany): As a renowned manufacturer of high-quality glassware, Schott Zwiesel could also offer wine tasting accessories, including products for decanting.

    L'Atelier du Vin (France): This French brand focuses on accessories related to wine and could offer products for decanting, including stamens.

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