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    Paving cleaner - Cleaning agents and abrasives

    The term "slab cleaner" can refer to different types of cleaning products specially designed to clean and maintain slabs of different materials, such as tile, stone, concrete or other similar materials.

    These cleaners are formulated to effectively remove dirt, stains, grease, household product residues and other contaminants that build up on slabs over time.

    Here are some examples of famous European manufacturers in the field of slab cleaners:

    HG (Netherlands): HG is a Dutch brand that offers a wide range of special cleaning products, including floor tile cleaners in various materials.

    Fila (Italy): Fila is an Italian manufacturer specialized in

    BRIOCHIN - pierre d'argile - Paving Cleaner
    pierre d'argile

    Cleans, degreases, polishes and shines all your indoor and outdoor surfaces. Unique formula: Breton ...

    MAPEI - lignobond - Paving Cleaner

    Two component polyurethane solvent and water free for wooden flooring. Where to use: Bonding of ...

    Price upon request
    NanoSources / NanoPhos -  - Paving Cleaner

    Sanitizes, cleans, and prevents saltpeter, rising and white stains, saline ...

    Price upon request
    ... cleaning and care products for stone, tile and ceramic floor surfaces.

    Kärcher (Germany): Kärcher is a German company well known for its cleaning equipment, and they also offer floor tile cleaners.

    Ecover (Belgium): Ecover is a Belgian company that manufactures environmentally friendly cleaning products, including floor tile cleaners.

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