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    Antirust - Cleaning agents and abrasives

    Rust inhibitor is a product or coating used to prevent the formation of rust on metal surfaces and to protect these surfaces against corrosion. Rust is an oxidation process that occurs when metal comes into contact with moisture and oxygen, which can lead to deterioration and degradation of the metal surface. Here is some information about rustproofing :

    Anti-rust paints: Anti-rust paints are special coatings that contain corrosion inhibitors to protect metal surfaces against rust. They are applied as a top coat to previously prepared and cleaned surfaces.

    Rust converters: Rust converters are chemicals that react with existing rust to

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    ... convert it into a protective coating. They are usually applied directly to the rusted surface and can then be covered with paint or another protective coating.

    Protective coatings: Some coatings are specially formulated to offer protection against corrosion and rust. These coatings can be applied to metal surfaces to isolate them from moisture and oxygen, thus preventing the formation of rust.

    Maintenance products: There are also anti-rust maintenance products that can be used to clean and protect metal surfaces. These products may contain corrosion-inhibiting agents that help prevent the formation of rust.

    Preventing rust: As well as using rust inhibitors, it's important to take preventative measures to avoid rust forming. This can include keeping metal surfaces clean and dry, applying rust inhibitors regularly, using lubricants to protect moving metal parts, etc.

    Here are some well-known manufacturers of rustproofing products:

    Rust-Oleum: Rust-Oleum is a well-known brand in the field of anti-rust paints and coatings. They offer a wide range of products, including anti-rust paints, rust converters and protective coatings.

    Hammerite: Hammerite is a brand specialising in anti-rust paints. Their products are designed to offer long-lasting protection against corrosion and can be used on a variety of metal surfaces.

    CRC Industries : CRC Industries is a leading developer of maintenance and protection chemicals. They offer a variety of anti-rust products, including aerosols, lubricants and rust converters.

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