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    Cheese cover - Dish covers

    The cheese bell allows you to preserve your cheese, which will retain all its flavor while preserving its drying and aging. It is also a way to avoid too strong smells of certain cheeses and to protect them from insects. The bell also has a decorative function in glass or silver, color or transparent, it "fits in all styles.

    The cheese bell is a traditional accessory used to protect and present the cheese in an elegant way. It is designed to keep the cheese fresh while allowing the flavours to develop. The cheese bell creates a controlled environment that helps

    LSA INTERNATIONAL -  - Cheese Cover
    Price upon request
    Antiquités Christiaens - cloche à fromage en cristal de bohême xixème - Cheese Cover
    Antiquités Christiaens

    Bohemian crystal cheese bell, 19th. Colorless crystal adorned with engraved flowers. Cow-shaped ...

    425 € approx.
    LSA INTERNATIONAL -  - Cheese Cover
    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    VANNERIE DELAMOTTE -  - Cheese Cover

    Bell and round wicker top D.35 cm - Vannerie Delamotte

    Price upon request
    AUTREFOIS -  - Cheese Cover

    In your room, kitchen or bathroom? The baskets of Clementine Creation are a decoration this charm. ...

    Price upon request
    la petite ecole du rang -  - Cheese Cover
    la petite ecole du rang

    Cheese bell domeLa Petite École du Rang

    Price upon request
    ... preserve the texture, taste and aroma of the cheese.

    Manufacturers offer a variety of cheese bells of different sizes, shapes and materials. Here are some famous manufacturers in the field of cheese bells:

    Boska: Boska is a Dutch brand specialized in cheese accessories. They offer a wide range of cheese bells, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, suitable for all types of cheeses.

    Revol: Revol is a French company that manufactures high quality ceramic products. They offer elegant and durable ceramic cheese bells.

    BIA Cordon Bleu: BIA Cordon Bleu is an American brand known for its table and kitchen products. They offer glass or porcelain cheese bells in different shapes and sizes.

    Peugeot: Peugeot is a French brand known for its pepper and salt mills, but they also offer table accessories, including cheese bells. Their bells are often combined with wooden trays for an elegant presentation.

    T&G Woodware: T&G Woodware is a British company specialized in wooden kitchen accessories. They offer wooden cheese bells of different species, which add a rustic touch to the cheese presentation.

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