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    Vegetable pass - Filters and strainers

    The term "vegetable strainer" refers to a kitchen utensil used to prepare purees, smooth soups, sauces and other culinary preparations by processing cooked vegetables to extract pulp while leaving behind unwanted skins and fibers.

    Features and Use of a Vegetable Pass:

    Plate with Holes: A vegetable grommet consists of a perforated plate with small holes. Cooked food is pushed through these holes using a pestle.

    Different Discs: Some models of vegetable grommets are equipped with interchangeable discs with different hole sizes, which makes it possible to create varied textures.

    Use: To use it, you place cooked vegetables in the perforated

    ... container, then you push the pestle through the holes. The smooth pulp passes through the holes while the skins and fibers remain outside.

    Preparation of Purees and Sauces: Vegetable passes are ideal for preparing mashed potatoes, smooth soups, tomato sauces.

    Benefits of Using a Vegetable Pass:

    Smooth Textures: Vegetable strainers allow to obtain smooth and homogeneous textures in the preparations.

    Fiber Removal: They remove unwanted skins, seeds and fibers from vegetables.

    Flavour Preservation: Vegetable strainers preserve the natural flavours of vegetables, especially in soups and purees.

    European manufacturers that offer quality vegetable passes include brands such as:

    Matfer Bourgeat (France): Matfer Bourgeat offers a range of high quality kitchen utensils, including vegetable passes.

    Küchenprofi (Germany): This German brand offers various kitchen utensils, including vegetable passes.

    Rosle (Germany): Rosle manufactures a variety of quality kitchen utensils, including vegetable passes.

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