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    Clip-on colander - Filters and strainers

    A clip-on strainer is a kitchen utensil designed to drain food such as pasta, vegetables or fruits after cooking or washing. Unlike traditional colanders, which are containers with holes, a snap colander is usually made of a flexible material such as silicone or plastic.

    This type of strainer offers several advantages over traditional strainers, especially in terms of storage space and practicality. It is also easy to clean and can often be used in the microwave or dishwasher, depending on the material of manufacture.

    Here are some known European manufacturers that produced clip-on colanders:

    Lékué: This Spanish company is renowned

    COOKIT - snap - Clip On Colander

    Snap is a silicone colander to attach to containers of all sizes. Two clippings at silicone tips ...

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    ... for its innovative silicone kitchen products. They offer a variety of cooking utensils, including silicone clip-on colanders.

    Koziol: A German company specializing in the manufacture of kitchen items and plastic home accessories. They also offer snap-on colanders in different sizes and colours.

    OXO: Although of American origin, OXO is widely distributed in Europe and offers high quality products. They make convenient and durable clip-on colanders.

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