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    Heat seal - Preserves (Containers-Pots-Jars)

    Seals can be made from different materials, depending on the specific requirements of the application. Common examples of gaskets and their uses include:

    O-rings: These torus-shaped seals are made of rubber or elastomer and are used to seal liquids or gases in systems such as pipes, hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, motors, etc.

    Flat seals or sheet seals: Made from flexible materials such as paper, rubber, metal or composite materials, these seals are used in applications such as jar lids, valve lids, tank covers, etc.

    Spiral joints: These joints, usually made of metal, are formed into a spiral and used in

    Gardena - jeu de joints universels 1127-26 gardena - Heat Seal

    The Gardena Universal Seal Game includes three washers for threaded fittings 15/21, 20/27 and 26/34 ...

    WECK -  - Heat Seal

    Seals for jars MECHANICAL: 4880ml, 4060ml, 3040ml, 2130ml, 1140ml, 1550ml, 634ml, 900ml, 550ml. ...

    4.95 € approx.
    WECK -  - Heat Seal

    Quality SEALS are necessary for good sterilization. Our seals are available in 3 sizes, small, ...

    Price upon request
    ... applications requiring pressure and heat resistance, such as flange joints in piping systems.

    Expansion joints: Used to absorb thermal movements and deformations in structures, such as bridges, pipelines and buildings.

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