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    Arrangement of cupboard - Miscellaneous kitchen equipment

    Closet layout is a method of optimizing the use of storage space in a room, usually in a bedroom, entrance or bathroom. There are different styles of closet layouts, each with its own features and functionality. Here is a general description of closet styles and some well-known European manufacturers:

    Closet Layout Styles:

    Built-in closets: These closets are integrated into the structure of the room, making them permanent. They can be customized according to available space and storage needs.

    Sliding closets: The doors of these closets slide sideways along rails. They are ideal for saving space in small rooms.

    Open cupboards:

    KEssEBÖHMER -  - Arrangement Of Cupboard

    The complete Ferrure LeMans II from Kesseb-hmer is made up of two completely independent trays. They ...

    Price upon request
    ... This is a minimalist style where shelves and hanging rods are visible, allowing easy access to clothing and accessories.

    Walk-in closets: These closets are designed to be spacious enough for a person to enter the interior. They are often used as a dressing room.

    Modular cupboards: Modular cupboard systems are flexible and allow shelves, drawers and accessories to be adjusted according to storage needs.

    Renowned European closet manufacturers:




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