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    Connected balance - Various home automation accessories

    Connected scales, also known as smart scales, are weighing devices that are able to connect to mobile apps or other devices via a wireless connection, usually Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    Connected scale styles:

    Classic weighing scales: These scales look like traditional bathroom scales, but they are equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity technologies. They usually measure body weight, fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass and sometimes water mass.

    Smart Impedance Meter Scales: These scales use bio-impedance to measure the electrical resistance of your body. They can estimate body composition by measuring the amount of fat, muscle, water and other components in

    Withings Europe - body+ - Connected Balance
    Withings Europe

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    ... your body.

    Fitness scales: Some connected scales are specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts and measure additional parameters such as heart rate, sleep quality and fitness level.

    European manufacturers of connected scales:

    Withings (France): Withings, based in France, is one of the most renowned manufacturers of connected scales. They offer a range of smart scales that measure weight, body composition and other health parameters.

    Beurer (Germany): Beurer is a German company specializing in health and wellness devices, including connected scales that incorporate body composition measurement features.

    iHealth (France): iHealth offers connected scales and other smart health devices, often used for home health management.

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