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    Door pediment - Wall decorations

    A door pediment is an architectural element located above an entrance door. It can add a decorative and imposing touch to the façade of a building, highlighting the main entrance.

    Door pediments can take different shapes and styles depending on the architecture and design of the building. Here are some examples:

    1. Triangular pediment: This is the most common shape for a door pediment. It is usually shaped like a triangle, with a pointed top in the centre. This style is often used in classical architecture.

    2. Curved pediment: Some door pediments may have a curved shape, called a curved pediment.

    Staff Decor -  - Door Pediment

    Directly inspired by the neo-Renaissance style, the door pediment 3904 signed Staff Décor will ...

    Staff Decor - baroque 3903 - Door Pediment
    Staff Decor
    baroque 3903

    Flanked by a shell and dressed in an ornamentation that meets the most discerning requirements of ...

    gypsum art -  - Door Pediment
    gypsum art

    bas-relief in staff (fiber plaster) of classical style, door top, is posed in low relief on a wall ...


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    Staff Decor Atelier Castelart gypsum art PRINCE DÉCORATION PROF HOME
    Atelier Castelart -  - Door Pediment
    Atelier Castelart
    Door Pediment

    Ref: FR115. Pediment, door crown, 18th-century style. Dimensions: 1150 mm x 330 mm Artisanal reissue ...

    125 € approx.
    Atelier Castelart - fr100 - Door Pediment
    Atelier Castelart

    Ref: FR100. Pediment, door crown, 18th-century style. Artisanal reissue made in our workshop from ...

    110 € approx.
    PRINCE DÉCORATION -  - Door Pediment

    Silver resin door pediment headboard door top with vase. Length - 95 cm. To furnish and decorate ...

    PROF HOME -  - Door Pediment

    Model no. Profhome | 163003 Neo-Empire Style Material Rigid polyurethane foam Material properties ...

    ... style is often associated with Baroque or Rococo architecture.

  • Arch pediment: In some cases, a door pediment may be designed in the form of an arch, creating a rounded opening above the door. This can be used in architectural styles such as Romanesque Revival or Gothic Revival.

  • Broken Pediment: A broken pediment is characterised by a curve in its triangular shape, creating a softer, curved top. This style is often used in neoclassical architecture.

  • Door pediments can be decorated with sculptures, reliefs or decorative motifs. These artistic elements may include symbols, mythological figures, floral motifs or architectural elements such as garlands or scrolls.

    The design and manufacture of a door pediment can be carried out by craftsmen, sculptors or specialist carpentry or construction companies. They can work with owners or architects to create a pediment that matches the overall architectural style of the building and the desired aesthetic.

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