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    Binova Kitchen island - Prima av

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    design Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi PRIMA "avant-garde" continues its own journey, an exploration of the relationship between kitchen and living area, the continuous interlacing of functions, rituals and daily needs. Time captivates moments spent in private, with the family or extended family, in a "continuum" of interaction. Dialogue could define a "Spatial Presence", well established within an open home that is no longer afraid of an informal outlook, where the perception of space is changing, no longer an extravagance permitted only to a few. PRIMA AV once again returns to its roots, which in 1992 so deeply transformed the international kitchen system, interpreting once more this relationship between operational and functional space and the area set aside for dialogue and communication, confirming the changes and respecting its own values at the same time. The kitchen moves away from the walls, opening itself up to the other rooms producing a new relationship with space. From the bottom to the top, a new architecture containing and exhibiting, highlights a virtual boundary that hides or reveals what is happening beyond. The aerial nature of wall units is confirmed by having them drop from the ceiling in non-structured manner and by being accessible on two sides, symmetrically or asymmetrically, and they can be dynamically changed thanks to the system of sliding doors. The wall units confirm this dual outlook where the front merges with the back. The new perimeter of the worktops seems to accentuate the rising horizontal surfaces and the vertical surfaces of the base units, giving weightlessness and emphasizing the aesthetics of the new, thicker doors. The "push-up" handles with their formal rigidity appear to be totally integrated with the vertical surfaces, reacting when touched in order to offer a tangible access, without totally disappearing. A new steel handle is another proposal for a timeless environment, elegant and characteristic, where its joint detail enhances the material. A new family of Scholtès appliances that have an exclusive Binova design defines the cooking area and worktops in a coordinated way, exploring different activities involving the use of water, from preparation and transformation of food to different cooking cultures and technologies, becoming an organized, changeable and personal space. The new extractor hoods are camouflaged and integrated or become an explicit focal point. New finishes for horizontal surfaces and vertical surfaces such as doors offer new aesthetic combinations. Single elements find their unanimity using " tone sur tone" finishes. The use of black and white guides the interpretation of contents of the project but the chromatic homogeneity reveals the variation in materials and surfaces. Fabio Casiraghi


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Materials : Lacquer
    • Color : White
    • Designer : Paolo Nava e Fabio Casiraghi
    • Date of creation : 2010
    • Ref. Fab. : +39 075 809701

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