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    Nut cracker - Mincing and grinding machines

    A nutcracker is a tool designed specifically to break the hard shell of nuts and thus allow access to the edible flesh inside. There are different types of nutcrackers, each with its own characteristics and mechanisms for breaking different types of nuts.

    Examples of commonly used types of nutcrackers include:

    Lever nutcracker: This type of nutcracker uses a lever to apply a graduated force to the nut shell. The user operates the lever to break the shell without damaging the inner core.

    Nutcrackers: These nutcrackers are equipped with a screw that can be tightened gradually to exert pressure on the

    Legnoart - corylus - Nut Cracker

    Nutcracker in light ash wood with presentation jar.

    Coutellerie Nontronnaise -  - Nut Cracker
    Coutellerie Nontronnaise

    Nut breaks, ball handle in pyrograved boxwood, glossy finish

    MALLE W. TROUSSEAU -  - Nut Cracker

    To crack the nuts while keeping the kernels intact.

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    MALLE W. TROUSSEAU Legnoart Coutellerie Nontronnaise Ghidini Italy Design im Dorf Mono 3 Claveles
    3 Claveles -  - Nut Cracker
    3 Claveles
    Price upon request
    Ghidini Italy -  - Nut Cracker
    Ghidini Italy
    Price upon request
    Design im Dorf -  - Nut Cracker
    Design im Dorf

    Designer : Dietmar Mechsner

    Insert the nut, tighten the handle, let it snap back into place - and the freshly broken nut rests ...

    Mono - mono pico - Nut Cracker
    mono pico

    Designer : Ralph Krämer

    Width: 7.0 cm , Length: 6.0 cm, Open walnuts gently and without debris breakage. The Mono Pico tip ...

    Chevalier Diffusion - casse noix conique suédois en zamac laqué noir - Nut Cracker
    Chevalier Diffusion

    This Swedish conical nutcracker consists of a patented handle and a shell collector. The Conical ...

    Price upon request
    Quttin -  - Nut Cracker
    ... shell until it breaks.

    Ratchet nutcrackers: Ratchet nutcrackers have a ratchet mechanism that allows the user to break the shell by repeatedly operating the mechanism.

    Swivel Handle Nutcracker: These nutcrackers are equipped with swivel handles that, when operated, apply a controlled force to the nut shell.

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