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    Vegetable Cutter - Mincing and grinding machines

    A vegetable cutter is a kitchen tool designed to cut, slice, chop, grate and prepare different types of vegetables efficiently and quickly. There is a variety of vegetable trimmers with different blades and features to adapt to different tasks of vegetable preparation.

    Of course, here are some European manufacturers that are known to offer quality vegetable trimmers:

    Bron (France): Bron is a French manufacturer of kitchen utensils and professional catering equipment. They offer a range of cutting accessories, including manual and electric vegetable cutters.

    Mandolin from Buyer (France): De Buyer, a French company, is known for its high quality kitchen

    DYNAMIC -  - Vegetable Cutter

    Simple to use, ideal for slicing, grating, efficiently and quickly, safely: vegetables, fruits or ...

    Price upon request
    ALLIGATOR -  - Vegetable Cutter

    This MINI CHOPPER Alligator vegetable cutter makes it easy to cut your onions, shallots, carrots, ...

    Price upon request
    PELAMATIC -  - Vegetable Cutter

    Mandolin - Gum Cups©/Fruits and Eggs Electric Gum Cup©

    ... utensils. Their mandolin is a popular vegetable cutter used to slice, grate and cut vegetables accurately.

    Börner (Germany): Börner is a German manufacturer of cutting and cutting tools, including mandolins and V-blade vegetable cutters.

    Moulinex (France): Moulinex offers appliances and kitchen utensils, some of which are electric vegetable cutters to facilitate the cutting of vegetables.

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