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    Ice crusher - Mincing and grinding machines

    An ice crusher is an electrical device designed to turn solid ice cubes into small pieces of crushed ice. These pieces of ice can then be used to cool drinks, top cocktails, prepare frozen desserts or even create visually appealing presentations for food and drinks. Ice crushers are generally compact, easy to use and offer different crushing options to achieve the desired ice size.

    Some manufacturers: 

    Kenwood (UK): Kenwood is a British brand known for its high-quality kitchen appliances and household appliances. They offer a range of ice crushers that combine functionality and elegant design, offering users the opportunity to

    Bartscher -  - Ice Crusher

    L 173 x P 380 x H 385 mm Broadband: 60 Kg/h 1 Kg 1 Kg 14 Kg ferry

    Santos -  - Ice Crusher

    Robust and silent asynchronous engine 2 modes: automatic and manual Up to 1.2kg of ice in 30 seconds ...

    Santos -  - Ice Crusher

    Ice grinder for snow and crushed ice. For hotels, restaurants, communities, cafeterias, supermarkets ...

    Price upon request
    Diamond Sofa -  - Ice Crusher
    Diamond Sofa

    Turns per minute (15000 rpm). On/Off switch and stainless steel timer. . Aluminium and steel body, ...

    HENDI -  - Ice Crusher

    ICE CRUSHER - ELECTRIC Professional ice crusher. Perfect for preparing ice cream for granitas, ...

    HENDI -  - Ice Crusher

    Made of chromed zinc alloy with stainless steel blades Comes with plastic serving spoon. mm: ...

    ... create crushed ice for various occasions.

    Gastroback (Germany): Gastroback is a German company specializing in innovative and high-performance kitchen appliances. They also make quality ice crushers that quickly turn ice cubes into pieces of crushed ice, providing a convenient solution for refreshment and beverage preparation needs.

    Magimix (France): Magimix is a French brand renowned for its food processors and multifunctional household appliances. Although they are more associated with kitchen robots, they also offer high-performance ice crushers to meet the needs of ice crushing.

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