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    Hand brush - Maintenance products

    A brush is a manual cleaning tool that consists of a small brush attached to a handle or short handle. It is mainly used to sweep debris, dust and small debris from surfaces. Here is some information about the brush:

    Size and shape: Sweepers are generally small, making them convenient for cleaning small areas, narrow nooks and crannies, and tight spaces. The shape of the scanner’s head may vary, with some being flat and others angular to reach hard-to-reach corners.

    Materials: Brush hairs can be made from a variety of materials, such as natural hair (such as horsehair) or synthetic

    VIPP -  - Hand Brush

    size / L x l: 33,5 x 23, 6 cm

    THOMAS -  - Hand Brush

    Range: Size color (L x l x height): 75 x 60 x 310 mm Dimensions frame in polypropylene colored ...

    Redecker -  - Hand Brush

    suitable for Delta balyette, wooden handle, stainless dimensions: 36 cm

    Price upon request
    Redecker -  - Hand Brush
    Price upon request
    CHR SHOP -  - Hand Brush

    Lightweight and DurablePlastic Wind DeflectorDurable Plastic HandlePlastic MaterialLightweight & ...

    MAISONS DU MONDE -  - Hand Brush

    Want to customize your home? From vases to carpets to mirrors, fall for our selection of decorative ...

    Libre Objet - la belle empoilée - Hand Brush
    Libre Objet

    Designer : Marie Froehlicher

    Hold the beautiful delicately by the hips and make the twirl in every nook and cranant of the house, ...

    2008 € approx.
    ... hair (such as nylon). Synthetic hair is generally more durable, easy to clean and resistant to moisture.

    Versatile use: Sweepers are suitable for a variety of surfaces, including hard floors, carpets, furniture, countertops and shelves. They are particularly useful for collecting crumbs, dust, hair and other small particles.

    Types of handles: The brushes can have different handle options. Some brushes have a fixed integrated handle, while others are designed to be used with a removable handle or pole. Models with a removable handle allow you to reach high or hard to reach areas.

    Care: After each use, it is important to remove debris and particles from the brush hair by shaking it or using another cleaning tool. If necessary, you can also clean the brush hair with warm water and mild soap, then let it air dry before storing.

    There are many reputable manufacturers of brushes, including O-Cedar, Leifheit, Vileda, Rubbermaid and Casabella.

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