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    Thermal container - Preserves (Containers-Pots-Jars)

    An insulated box, also known as a cooler or insulated container, is a container specially designed to maintain the temperature of food and beverages, whether to keep them warm or cold for an extended period of time. These boxes are widely used to carry meals, drinks and snacks when traveling, picnics, trips or outdoor activities.

    Some of these manufacturers include:

    Thermos (UK): Thermos is a well-known brand of high quality insulated boxes. It offers a variety of insulated products, including bottles, cups and boxes for transporting hot and cold food.

    Emsa (Germany): Emsa manufactures high-quality insulated boxes and food containers,


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    ... ideal for keeping meals warm or cold on the go.

    Tatonka (Germany): Tatonka offers outdoor products, including quality insulated boxes for outdoor activities and travel.

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