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    Julienne cutter - Graters

    The julienne razor is an essential kitchen tool for cooking enthusiasts and budding chefs. It allows you to quickly and accurately cut vegetables into thin strips of elongated shape, called julienne. These strips are perfect for garnishing, decorating and adding texture to your dishes. Discover how a julienne shaver can enhance your cooking experience.

    Practical Uses:

    Toppings: Use julienne to elegantly garnish your dishes, bringing both flavor and a visual touch.

    Fresh Salads: Add strips of julienne vegetables to your salads for extra texture and crunch.

    Sautéed Dishes: Julienne is perfect for stir-fried vegetables, creating a delicious texture in

    Giesser -  - Julienne Cutter

    Equipped with a batch of 3 blades of different shapes and interchangeable stainless steel, sharp and ...

    Westmark -  - Julienne Cutter

    'Gallant' Julien knife

    Price upon request
    3 Errre -  - Julienne Cutter
    3 Errre

    Simple and innovative grater with top quality steel blade, great for shredding carrots, courgettes, ...

    Chevalier Diffusion - rasoir à julienne castor en inox - Julienne Cutter
    Chevalier Diffusion

    Appearance: Main material: Inox Dimensions: Length (in cm): 11.00 Depth (in cm): 6.50 Other ...

    Chevalier Diffusion - décorateur julienne taille crayon - Julienne Cutter
    Chevalier Diffusion

    Appearance: Color - Orange? Main material - ABS? Secondary materials - Inox (blade)? Dimensions: ...


    Creative Decorations: Use the julienne razor to create creative decorations with vegetables to impress your guests.

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