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    Vacuum packing machine - Various equipment

    A vacuum packing machine is equipment used to remove air from an airtight packaging and seal the contents under vacuum. This vacuum packaging technique is commonly used to extend the shelf life of food and protect objects sensitive to oxidation or moisture.

    Different styles of vacuum packing machines:

    Vacuum chambers: These machines are designed for commercial and industrial use. The item to be packed is placed in an airtight chamber, and the entire chamber is emptied of air. Machines of this type are ideal for intensive use, but they are generally larger and more expensive than other types.
    Bell machine:

    Tom Press -  - Vacuum Packing Machine
    Tom Press

    Reber Pro 30 cm automatic vacuum machine. 30 l./min. suction and -900 mbars depression. Tom Press is ...

    Magic vac -  - Vacuum Packing Machine
    Magic vac

    With the Axolute vacuum packing machine, you ensure high-quality vacuum packing, preserving ...

    DOMOCLIP -  - Vacuum Packing Machine

    For optimal food preservation With this vacuum packing machine your food keeps longer and will ...

    Price upon request
    WISMER - machine à emballer sous vide maxima - Vacuum Packing Machine

    Machine recommended for professionals Aspiration and welding: automatic / adjustable Double pump ...

    Price upon request
    NEUMARKER  & KG ERNST   -  - Vacuum Packing Machine
    Price upon request
    Magic vac - genius silver - Vacuum Packing Machine
    Magic vac

    MAIN FEATURESWe vacuum thanks to the powerful pumpFully automatic cycleManual cycle with instant ...

    Price upon request
    WISMER - machine à emballer sous vide alice - Vacuum Packing Machine

    Automatic model with manual welding for fragile products. Accessories provided: 10 bags 20 x 30 cm, ...

    Price upon request
    WISMER - machine à emballer sous vide reverse - Vacuum Packing Machine

    Automatic model. Accessories provided: 5 pre-cut bags 20x30, 1 cut bags. Empty rate: 60 cm/Hg (-0. ...

    Price upon request
    Domo -  - Vacuum Packing Machine

    To keep vegetables, fish e.g. in the refrigerator or freezer Considerably extend the shelf life ...

    ... Bell machines are also used for commercial purposes. They work by placing the bag containing the item in a vacuum chamber and then welding the bag after air extraction. They offer great flexibility in terms of packaging size.
    External suction machines: These machines are designed for home and occasional use. They are compact and easy to use. The user places the end of the bag into the machine, which draws air and seals the bag.
    Renowned European manufacturers of vacuum packaging machines:


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