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    Steriliser - Various equipment

    A sterilizer is a device designed to remove germs, bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms from objects such as bottles, pacifiers, baby toys, kitchen utensils and other items that must be free of contaminants.

    Sterilizer styles:

    Electric steam sterilizer: Electric steam sterilizers use hot water steam to sterilize objects. They are equipped with compartments specially designed to accommodate the items to be sterilized. These devices are often fast and efficient, eliminating most germs in minutes.

    Microwave Steam Sterilizer: Microwave steam sterilizers are designed to be placed in a microwave oven. They also use hot water steam to sterilize objects, but

    PHILIPS -  - Steriliser

    Baby Food Sterilization Mode: Steam Sterilization Time: 6 minutes

    Domodeco -  - Steriliser

    With a large capacity of 27L, this stainless steel sterilizer can sterilize up to 14 jars and cans ...

    Bartscher -  - Steriliser

    Hot Wine Marmite / GE 30 Preservative Specifications: Stainless Steel Container, Base, Synthetic Tap ...

    Bartscher -  - Steriliser

    Hot Wine Marmite / GE Canning Sterilizer 25 Specifications: Stainless Steel Container, Base, ...

    Guillouard -  - Steriliser

    The Fruit Juice Extractor adapts to the Guillouard sterilizer (ref. 71381) and allows the rapid ...

    Domo -  - Steriliser

    Heating power: 1800 wattsConsis for 14 1 litre can jars Sterilizer volume: 29 litres Adjustable ...

    ... the process depends on the power of the microwave. They are compact and convenient for use at home or on the go.

    Cold sterilizer: Cold sterilizers use special chemical solutions to remove bacteria and germs from objects. They are often used in healthcare settings to sterilize items such as endoscopes and medical instruments.

    European manufacturers of sterilizers:

    Philips Avent (Netherlands): Philips Avent offers a range of electric steam sterilizers for childcare items, including baby bottles and teats.

    Tommee Tippee (UK): Tommee Tippee is a British brand that makes steam sterilizers for baby items.

    Chicco (Italy): Chicco, an Italian company, offers electric and steam sterilizers for baby products.

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