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    Religious icon - Religious ornaments

    An icon, in the artistic and religious context, refers to a sacred or symbolic representation generally used in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Here is some information about icons:

    • Religious significance: Icons are considered sacred objects in the Orthodox tradition. They represent holy figures, biblical scenes or moments in the life of Christ. Icons are revered and used in prayer and worship to foster spiritual connection and divine adoration.

    • Artistic style: Icons are usually made in a specific style, which follows artistic and symbolic conventions. Figures are often depicted in a frontal manner, with stylised proportions and symbolic colours. The

    Expertissim - icône russe, vierge du signe - Religious Icon

    Icon, Virgin Orans - Virgin of the Sign. Silver-plated aureola.Numerous re-paintings. Very restored. ...

    520 € approx.
    Expertissim - petite icône. europe centrale, fin du xixe siècle - Religious Icon

    Virgin Mary and Infant Jesus.Small folk art icon on wood panel.Central Europe, Late 19th Century. ...

    187.50 € approx.
    ARCHAIA -  - Religious Icon

    Description: The Trinity or Abraham's hospitality. Three angels sitting around a table covered with ...

    Price upon request
    ... is on spiritual expression rather than realistic representation.

  • Techniques of creation: Icons can be created using a variety of techniques, including oil painting on wood panel, wall fresco, mosaic, engraving or printing. Artists who create icons must follow strict rules regarding style, colours, symbols and motifs used.

  • Veneration and use: Icons are often placed in churches, chapels, homes and places of prayer. The Orthodox faithful venerate them by kissing them, incensing them and using them as a medium for meditation and prayer. Icons are also used in religious rituals and liturgical ceremonies.

  • Makers: There are artists specialising in the creation of icons in many countries, particularly in areas where the Orthodox Church is present. Icons can be made by monks and nuns in monasteries, as well as by lay artists trained in the tradition of Orthodox iconography.

  • Icons have a deep spiritual and aesthetic significance in the Orthodox tradition. They are valued for their artistic beauty and their role in religious practice.

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