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    Altar - Religious ornaments

    An altar is a structure typically used in religious or spiritual contexts to perform rituals, prayers, or offerings. It is a platform or table on which sacred or symbolic objects are placed, such as icons, statues, candles, flowers, incense, or other ritual elements.

    Altars can vary greatly in size, shape, and style depending on the religious or spiritual tradition to which they belong. Some altars may be simple and modest, while others may be ornate, richly decorated, and incorporate precious materials such as marble, carved wood, or metal.

    Here are some European manufacturers specialized in creating altars:

    • F.lli Graziani

    Baikal - autel en orme - Altar

    Long altar table 19th c. elm (bamboo shape) Shanxi 319 x 51 x 87 (h) cm ref. 6 MQ 103

    Price upon request
    Antiquité et Faïence Bernasconi -  - Altar
    Antiquité et Faïence Bernasconi

    Grand Metate or ART PRECOLOMLOBIEN Sacrifice Table

    Price upon request
    ... F.lli Graziani is a renowned Italian manufacturer of marble altars. Their altars are crafted with great precision and attention to detail, and they offer a diverse range of models suited to liturgical needs.

  • Artisanat Liturgique (France): Artisanat Liturgique is a French company specialized in custom-made liturgical altars. Their skilled artisans use high-quality materials such as wood, stone, and metal to create unique and personalized altars.

  • Großhandel für Kirchenbedarf (Germany): Großhandel für Kirchenbedarf is a German supplier specializing in liturgical articles, including altars. They offer a range of altars in different sizes, styles, and materials to meet the needs of churches and religious institutions.

  • Vetreria Artistica Rosa (Italy): Vetreria Artistica Rosa is an Italian manufacturer of artistic glass altars. Their hand-blown glass altars are unique and elegant pieces that add a touch of beauty and brightness to sacred spaces.

  • Nova Ars Liturgica (Poland): Nova Ars Liturgica is a Polish company specialized in creating carved wooden liturgical altars. Their altars are known for their traditional craftsmanship and magnificent aesthetics, reflecting the Polish artistic heritage.

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