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    Reliquary - Religious ornaments

    A reliquary is an object used to house, display, and venerate relics. Relics are objects considered sacred due to their connection with holy figures, religious events, or holy sites. Reliquaries can take different forms and be made from various precious materials such as gold, silver, ivory, carved wood, etc.

    Here is some additional information about reliquaries:

    Function and significance: Reliquaries are used in various religious traditions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. They serve to preserve and present the relics in order to foster the veneration of the faithful and strengthen their spiritual connection with the saints or deities associated

    ARCHAIA -  - Reliquary

    Description: Important paperole reliquary with the relics of St. Anthelme and St. Agnes, enhanced in ...

    Price upon request
    ARCHAIA -  - Reliquary

    Description: Beautiful paperole reliquary with an Agnus Dei in the center and several relics of St ...

    Price upon request
    ... with the relics.

    Types of reliquaries: Reliquaries can take various forms, such as chests, shrines, busts, statues, jewelry, and amulets. They can be simple or highly elaborate, with intricate decorations, engravings, enamels, gemstones, and other ornaments.

    Liturgical use: In some religious traditions, reliquaries are used in religious ceremonies and processions. They are often displayed in churches, temples, or specific places of worship where the faithful can come to venerate them and make offerings.

    Preservation and protection: Reliquaries are designed to protect the relics from damage, degradation, or theft. They are often sealed tightly to ensure their integrity and long-term preservation.

    Reliquaries are both objects of religious worship and precious works of art, bearing witness to the devotion and piety of believers. They are considered sacred objects and hold great importance in religious and cultural practices.

    Here are some reliquary manufacturers in different countries with their websites:

    1. Fimar (Italy):
    2. André Roubi (France):
    3. Deltis (France):
    4. Mühlbauer GmbH (Germany):
    5. Artline Studios (United Kingdom):
    6. Calvary Arts Studio (United States):
    7. Artesacrarte (Spain):

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