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    Censer - Religious ornaments

    An incense burner is a container used for burning incense. Incense burners can come in different shapes, but they all have a basic structure that allows for the safe containment and burning of incense.

    Incense burners can be made from various materials such as ceramic, stone, metal, wood, glass, and even shells. They can be simple or adorned with decorations, depending on the style and culture.

    When an incense burner is used, the incense is lit and placed in a specific area of the burner, known as the burner or tray. Some incense burners come with a lid to control

    HOLYART -  - Censer

    Orthodox style incense burner, hand-enamelled in gold.

    HOLYART - orthodoxe pierres dures - Censer
    orthodoxe pierres dures

    Very precious censer in orthodox style, made of gilded brass with embedded crystalline hard stones. ...

    HOLYART - laiton travaillé main - Censer

    Brass censer worked hand h 23cm Monks Bethlehem ...


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    HOLYART - encensoir et navette  - Censer
    encensoir et navette

    Incenser and shuttle pushed back with cross | online sale ...

    2 déclinaisons

    espace aether -  - Censer
    espace aether

    Incenser, cheap censer, bamboo censer, incense

    Price upon request

    Incense burner brass grain censer cones | Stopover...

    Price upon request
    AMANDA OASIS -  - Censer

    Engraved bronze censer-censers and burner-incense ...

    19 € approx.
    ... the amount of smoke or to extinguish the incense once it has burned.

    Incense burners are often used in religious, spiritual, and meditation practices. They can also be used to fragrance a room or to help purify the air. It is important to note that using an incense burner should be done with caution, always keeping an eye on the burning incense and avoiding fire hazards.

    Here are some European manufacturers of incense burners:

    1. Alessi (Italy): Alessi is a renowned Italian company specializing in design and household items. They offer a range of modern and elegant incense burners designed by renowned designers.

    2. DM-Keramik (Germany): DM-Keramik is a German manufacturer specializing in pottery and ceramics. They offer handmade ceramic incense burners with unique patterns and finishes.

    3. Tierra Zen (Spain): Tierra Zen is a Spanish company dedicated to creating products for meditation and spirituality. They offer ceramic and metal incense burners with designs inspired by Eastern tradition.

    4. Rosy Rings (United Kingdom): Rosy Rings is a British manufacturer known for its scented products, including incense burners. Their incense burners are carefully designed and made from high-quality materials.

    5. La Pierre d'Argent (France): La Pierre d'Argent is a French company specializing in natural cleaning products. They also offer metal incense burners with simple and functional designs.

    6. Cerabella (Spain): Cerabella is a renowned Spanish company for its scented candles and decorative accessories. They offer metal and ceramic incense burners with elegant and contemporary designs.

    7. Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen (Germany): Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen is a German manufacturer specializing in incense sticks and cones. They also offer incense burners suitable for their incense products.

    8. Astier de Villatte: Founded in Paris, France, Astier de Villatte offers handmade porcelain incense burners. Their incense burners are crafted with great attention to detail and are often adorned with delicate patterns and engravings. They are known for their artisanal quality and elegant aesthetic. Astier de Villatte also offers a variety of incense fragrances to accompany their incense burners.

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