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    Inflatable pillow - Various decoration accessories

    Airbags are cushions that can be filled with air to provide personalized support and comfort. They are often used to improve posture, relieve pressure or offer additional support in various situations, whether at home, at work, on the road or even by car.

    Airbag styles:

    Inflatable seat cushion: This type of cushion is designed to be placed on a chair, office seat, car or wheelchair. It is usually used to improve posture, relieve pressure on the coccyx or lower back and provide personalized comfort.

    Inflatable lumbar cushion: Inflatable lumbar cushions are specially designed to support the lumbar region of the

    ... spine. They are perfect for people suffering from lower back pain or looking to maintain a correct posture.

    Inflatable seat and posture cushion: These cushions are designed to promote better posture while providing lumbar support. They are used in the office, at home or in the car to prevent fatigue and pain.

    Renowned European manufacturers of airbags:

    Backjoy (UK): Backjoy is a British company that offers a range of inflatable seat and lumbar cushions designed to improve posture and relieve pain.

    Vary (Norway): Vary is a Norwegian brand known for its ergonomic chairs and seat airbags, which promote healthy posture.

    Sissel (Switzerland): Sissel is a Swiss company specializing in health and wellness products, including air bags for lumbar support and posture.

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