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    Anti-mould - Various DIY

    Anti-mould are products or methods used to prevent or eliminate mould problems in indoor environments.

    Mould is a fungus that develops under high humidity conditions and can cause health problems and property damage. Some common examples of anti-mould are:

    Anti-mould chemicals: There are chemicals specially formulated to eliminate mould. These products can be in the form of sprays, solutions or powders. They are applied on affected surfaces to kill mould spores and prevent their growth.

    Anti-mould cleaning agents: Some household cleaners are specifically designed to eliminate mould. They often contain ingredients such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or essential oils,

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    ... which are effective in killing mould and removing stains.

    Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers are devices that reduce moisture in the air by absorbing excess moisture. By maintaining an adequate moisture level (usually less than 50%), they help prevent mould growth.

    Adequate ventilation: Good ventilation is essential to prevent moisture build-up and reduce the risk of mould. Ensure rooms have adequate ventilation such as windows, fans or mechanical ventilation systems.

    Preventing leaks and moisture: It is important to quickly detect and repair water leaks, seepage or any other moisture problem in the home. This may involve appropriate plumbing, sealing or drainage repairs.

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