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    Pellet insert - Stoves, hearths, enclosed heaters

    A pellet insert, also known as a pellet insert, is a heater designed to be inserted into an existing chimney or installed in a new construction. It works by burning compressed wood pellets, also called pellets, to produce heat. Pellet inserts offer a modern and efficient alternative to traditional fireplaces, providing a controllable and environmentally friendly heat source.

    Advantages of a pellet insert:

    Energy efficiency: Pellet inserts offer high energy efficiency through efficient and controlled combustion.

    Automatic heating: Pellet inserts can be programmed to automatically operate at specific times and maintain a constant temperature.

    Clean and environmentally friendly: Wood pellets

    CMG - inside s12 - Pellet Insert
    inside s12

    INSIDE S is a waterproof built-in appliance with a high efficiency thanks to its front ventilation ...

    Price upon request
    LA NORDICA Extraflame - comfort p70 air plus - Pellet Insert
    LA NORDICA Extraflame
    comfort p70 air plus

    Features - Fire door, cast iron firebox and brazier - Tube bundle heat exchanger - Ash compartment - ...

    Price upon request
    ... are a clean and renewable fuel, making them a more environmentally friendly option than fossil fuels.

    Heat control: You can adjust the temperature and pellet flow for accurate and customized heating.

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