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    Jar washer - Preserves (Containers-Pots-Jars)

    The jar washer is a vital component in the process of canning food, whether for homemade jams, canned vegetables, or other delicious creations. It provides an airtight seal between the lid of the glass jar and its neck, preventing air and external contaminants from entering and thus preserving the freshness of food.

    Practical Uses:

    Food Preservation: Jar washers are essential for preserving foods such as jams, canned vegetables, sauces, marinades, and more.

    Airtight Sealing: They provide airtight sealing between the lid and the jar, preventing contamination and spoilage of food.

    Long Life Storage: The washers allow you to store homemade

    LE PARFAIT -  - Jar Washer

    Bag of washers 'super' diameter 10 cm THE PERFECT. Suitable for jars range 'Le Parfait Super' ...

    Price upon request
    ... food for long periods without loss of quality.

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